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In today’s busy world of commerce staying informed is a core component of success. Without being informed you lack the necessary facts to fully utilize any tool or area of life. Glexia feels that it is our duty to keep you informed and up to date on our company and any changes to it. If an adjustment is to occur on any level, be it to hosting or to policy, we will be sure to post it in our news section. We feel that in order to fully employ our services you must stay informed about what our company is doing and the changes we are making to it.

All of Glexia's news, including it's archived news, can be viewed here.

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Rate Internships ~ 5/13/2008

Glexia has recently worked on the development of This website enables students to rate internships while in school and allows them the ability to find internships that suite their needs. Please visit the site and submit an internship rating!

New Portfolio! ~ 5/2/2008

Glexia has created a portfolio sampling some of its web design. Check it out under the Web Solutions>Website Design tab. The current listings are only a small sample of our most recent work, and we will be adding more in the coming months.

Glexia Blog ~ 3/19/2008

Glexia, your Total IT Company, is bringing you a blog. Glexia, known for providing low cost, scalable solutions that fit your needs, has unveiled a new blog located at Please take the time to read it as it will contain important information.

Glexia Adds Two Servers ~ 6/16/2007

Glexia has added two new servers to its fleet, bringing the total amount of servers to four. Glexia has it's servers spread through SoftLayer, FDCServers, and Layered Technologies bringing the advantage of each datacenter to its clients.

Dynamic CMS Finished ~ 7/5/2006

Glexia has implemented a dynamic CMS management system into our site. You will notice that the pages are now dynamically generated and easier to navigate.

Glexia Live Start Date ~ 7/5/2006

Glexia plans to go live starting the 15th of August. Glexia will accept orders prior to this and they will become active; however, Glexia's formal start date is the 15th! Please be ready to order away as Glexia would love to have you as a customer.

Hosting Plans Updated ~ 7/5/2006

Glexia's newest plans have been updated on Glexia's website. Please take the time to look through them and give us feedback. Hopefully these plans suite your needs!

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